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Bioenergies, Biomolecules
and Biobased materials
from Renewable CARbone

Research that drives industrial innovation

The presentation of the activity

The Carnot 3BCAR, labeled Carnot by French government since 2011* and lead by INRA and its partners, is a French structured network offering competencies in the field of valorization of biomass, bioenergy, biobased molecules and biobased materials.

The Carnot 3BCAR is gathering 18 laboratories and technical centers. This network offer to industrials to develop innovation using biotechnologies (plants, industrial and environmental) and/or Green chemistry ; from laboratory to pilot scale.

The Carnot label ensures that our clients have access to scientific excellence and partnership professionalism (ISO 9001).

*renewed in 2016

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Carnot 3BCAR
@_3BCARJul 07
Une belle success story à découvrir ! #carnot
Carnot 3BCAR
@_3BCARJul 06
Les 5 Carnot portés par @INRAE_France sont là pour favoriser la rechercher partenarial avec les entreprises œuvrant…
Carnot 3BCAR
@_3BCARJul 03
We will be present ! See you next March in Lille. 💚
Carnot 3BCAR
@_3BCARJul 02
RT @Carnot_ARTS: 🗞️/A Lire dans @LesEchos/ ▪️Le @Reseau_Carnot, un mariage réussi entre la recherche publique et les entreprises ▪️Transpo…
Carnot 3BCAR
@_3BCARJul 01
Thank you to all speakers for their talks and to all participants !
Carnot 3BCAR
@_3BCARJul 01
RT @BIOKETech: Is there an opportunity to develop a phenolic factory using local biomass in Europe? That's the questions we're trying to an…
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