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4th International Solar Fuel

24 juillet 2021 - 29 juillet 2021

The 4th International Solar Fuels Conference is a global forum for solar fuel researchers who meet together in order to solve the issues surrounding climate change and energy supply which may be the greatest challenge of our time. ISF is a conference series rotating on a biannual basis between organizers around the world. In keeping with the previous conference ISF-3 held in November 24-59, 2021 in Hiroshima, Japan. For 4 days in Summer 2021 the ISF-4 conference will bring together around 450 research leaders and young scientists working with approaches for direct solar fuel production. The ISF-4 conference is currently being organized and will be hosted by Professor Vincent Artego and Professor Eric Maréchal from the Labex ARCANE, Grenoble, where it will be held from July 24-29, 2021. This event will be supported by the University Grenoble-Alpes and the CEA. This conference will provide an excellent platform for presenting state-of-the-art results, discussions and exchange of ideas in all areas related to ; – Multi-electron/multi-proton catalysis (homogeneous, heterogeneous, enzymatic and bioinspired processes) – Light-harvesting and light-driven processes – Photoelectrochemistry – Photobiological approaches – Metabolic engineering – Devices and demonstration: robustness, sustainability and upscale


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24 juillet 2021
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29 juillet 2021
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