The 3BCAR network

The Carnot 3BCAR, an R&D network  to boost innovation capacity of bioeconomy companies

The Carnot 3BCAR components

  • BBF, Biodiversité et Biotechnologie Fongiques – site web
  • CATAR – site web
  • ECOSYS, Ecologie fonctionnelle et écotoxicologie des agroécosystèmes – site web
  • FARE, Fractionnement des AgroRessources et Environnement – site web
  • CRITT GPTE, Génie de Procédés Technologies Environnementales – site web
  • IATE, Ingénierie des Agropolymères et de Technologies Emergentes – site web
  • IJPB, Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin – site web
  • ITE, INRAE Transfert Environnement – site web
  • ITERG, Institut des Corps Gras & produits apparentés – site web
  • LBE, Laboratoire de Biotechnologie de l’Environnement – site web
  • LCA, Laboratoire de Chimie Agro-Industrielle – site web
  • LCPO, Laboratoire de Chimie des Polymères Organiques – site web
  • LGC, Laboratoire de Génie Chimique – site web
  • LPCV, Laboratoire de Physiologie Cellulaire et Végétal – site web
  • PROSE, PRocédés biOtechnologiques au Service de l’Environnement – site web
  • TBI, Toulouse Biotechnology Institute – site web
  • TWB, Toulouse White Biotechnology – site web

A vision focused on the future

To innovate and support the bioeconomy thanks to biotechnologies and plant-based chemistry

The Carnot 3BCAR, leaded by INRAE, is a network of 18 R&D structures from laboratory scale to pilot plant. It aims to promote the link between research structures and compagnies thanks to technological transfert and contract research.

The Carnot 3BCAR offers skills in the area of biotechnologies and plant-based chemistry to boost innovation capacity of companies in the field of bioenergies, biomolecules and biomatérials. The Carnot 3BCAR skills include biomass production, biorefinery and fonctional properties.

The Carnot 3BCAR secures access to research for companies with an ISO 9001 certification since 2015.

The Carnot label

scientific excellence and professionalism

3BCAR is labelled Carnot since 2011.

The Carnot Label is granted to public research structures, Carnot, with proven, high level R&I competencies dedicated to fostering innovation with industrial partners. They concurrently conduct upstream research capable of renewing their scientific and technological skills, and an ambitious partnership research policy to the benefit of the socio-economic world. There is 39 networks labelled Carnot.


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research contracts with 200 companies


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