Our R&D skills

Our offer of Research & Development skills

The research teams of the Carnot 3BCAR provide an multi-disciplinary and integrative partnership offer for the compagny innovation.

3 targeted fields

  • Bioenergies
  • Biomolecules
  • Biobased materials

Our skill areas: from biomass to bioproducts

  • Biomass prodcution with optimized low-flow properties
  • Biomass fractionation and biorefinery
  • Synthon obtention  and fonctionalisation
  • Formulation and shapping biobased products
  • Process ecodesign and sector sustainability

Our tools: multi-disciplinary processes

  • Green biotechnology (plants and alguae)
  • White biotechnology (microorganisms and enzymes)
  • Mechanical treatments
  • Thermochemical treatments
  • Chemical treatments

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