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How to contact us?

By telephone +33 (0) 1 42 75 93 82 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


In addition, you can continue to work with your special contacts which remain your technical contacts

How to ensure privacy of our contact ?

We invite you to communicate with 3BCAR in confidence under secrecy agreement 

What is the advantage of working with 3BCAR ?

3BCAR has a large knowledge of competences from INRA and its partners thus offers the opportunity to propose a broad answer.

In fact, when you will communicate with 3BCAR, we will bring together expertise from a national research offers to help you to build the green growth of your company.


What is the method proposed by 3BCAR ?

When arrange an early brainstorming session with the concerned field scientists

In the meantime, contractual aspects will be discussed on a basis of simplified procedures

We propose a draft research agreement within 2 months of the initial contact


What kind of contracts are available ?

Research agreements including detailed specifications, under which costs are fully paid by the private enterprise

Collaborative research agreements, with tasks and financing shared by all partners

These contracts may take various forms, such as co-development agreements, master agreements , R&D contracts, and so forth


Who does the work ?

In most cases, scientific work is done by PhD or post-doc students hosted at the 3BCAR laboratories and tutored by network scientists.


How do we proceed ?

Working together, we create a project management framework, that covers both technical and scientific aspects of the project. This framework allocates tasks and resources, and defines deliverables and objectives, in accordance with a clearly defined plan.

How are successful results transferred ?

By know how or process transfer

Through industrial application development

Through licensing

As a result of our training and hosting of your staff





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Tel : +331 42 75 93 82


We promise to answer you as quickly as possible to draw the best suited research project with maximum skills .